Graffiti, Berlin

This week it really felt like summer had arrived in Berlin; the days were warm and sunny and the city was buzzing with energy. Last weekend was a busy one trying to make the most of all Barcelona had to offer, so this weekend I’m taking it easy in my adopted city.

Berlin Window

WATCH: Last weekend in Barcelona, Ben and I met our friend, Ash Thorp, who was there to present the impressive short film for OFFF 2014 that he and an incredibly talented crew number had collaborated on. It is such a high quality piece with such impressive cinematography; I was just blown away when I saw it. You can check it out yourself here.

READ: Travellers, we all feel the same way don’t we?

COOK: Who would have thought that making your own homemade vanilla extract would be so darn easy? On the to-do list for sure.

MAKE: My spice drawer at home is always a complete mess and I’m sure I’m not alone out there. Isn’t this DIY mason jar spice organiser the perfect solution? So simple!

DREAM BUY: Visiting Antarctica truly is on my bucket-list and I really hope to see parts of this amazing continent in my lifetime. World Expeditions, an excellent Australian company specialising in sustainable travel, offers the perfect trip, the ‘Ross Sea Explorer’ which tracks the path of some of the earliest Antarctic explorers. It certainly comes at a price but what an adventure!

BUDGET BUY: I just picked up this great little lip balm from & Other Stories this afternoon to brighten things up a little.

GO: Accommodation in Belgrade for our friends’ wedding is locked in for the end of June. It’s going to be an epic weekend of celebration and I can’t wait.

Have a lovely Sunday!