Wanderlust Wednesday: Amstedam

Wanderlust Wednesday: Amstedam

Amsterdam is one of those cities that is so beautiful, it doesn’t quite feel real. With the tall 17th century canal houses all huddled together, leaning at impossible angles and lining a latticework of canals, I felt like I had been thrown onto a movie set rather than exploring the capital of the Netherlands! I’ve visited Amsterdam twice — both times in either late autumn or winter — and I found myself being regularly lured into the cosy Brown cafés; the centuries old, wood-panelled bars lit by candlelight. After devouring a plate of cheese washed down with Dutch beer, I felt warmed and energised and ready for an afternoon of exploring. I’d make my way to the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum for some world-class art, or to the Anne Frank House for a more sobering experience.

I spent most of my time in the Jordaan, Amsterdam’s most picturesque district and would take endless walks down pretty Prinsengracht. I would admire the houseboats gently bobbing on the canal and would daydream about living in one. I’d give way to the two-wheeled traffic and imagine myself getting running errands on my own Dutch bike, navigating the network of canals. I’d duck into Café Winkel 43, for arguably the best Dutch apple pie in the city or another cafe like Il Momento, always remembering to order a stroopwafel (or two) with my coffee. I’d avoid the Red Light District and the famed ‘coffee shops’ not because they weren’t interesting, but more because there was just too much prettiness on the streets to miss. I loved the fact that Amsterdam was small enough to walk or cycle almost anywhere, yet its village-like charm never felt dull. Yes, Amsterdam is a little bit lovely.

15 photos that will make you want to visit Amsterdam:


Amsterdam street

Amsterdam Canal Houses

Amsterdam after dark


Amsterdam Cheese

Photos that will make you want to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam's canal houses after dark

Jordaan, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal House

Bar, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Bikes

Apple Pie, Amsterdam

Reichsmuseum, Amsterdam

Photos that will make you want to visit Amsterdam

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